Reach is a new partnership of gospel churches and individuals working together to plant churches in North Wales. Here’s how we plan to work.

  • We’d like to identify areas which need new churches.
  • We recognise that real gospel partnership in North Wales ought to be regional, as well as local. Our work to start with is divided into two regions: North Wales East; and North Wales West, and focused on the specific needs within each of them.
  • We will aim to help churches plant churches and revitalise existing ones in North Wales.
  • We will promote informed praying for the Lord’s work in these situations.
  • We also plan to identify gifted and trained gospel workers who are being called by God to plant in North Wales.
  • Our aim is to connect with supporters who can bring prayer, finances and other help in order to see churches planted.
  • We will direct resources to the planters and churches we partner with.
  • We intend to provide additional advice and support, as it is requested.
  • We exist to help the planting of local churches in North Wales. Reach was officially started in 2018 so we’re still finding our feet! As a group of established churches we have planted three churches already in the last few years and our hope with God’s help is to accelerate this in the coming years