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A Sunday morning at Grace Church Denbigh, led by Daf Cunningham

Our God is very good – He goes before us and guides our way.

When the elders of Ebenezer Baptist Church, Mold began praying and talking about the possibility of planting a new church in nearby Denbigh, it’s fair to say that none of us really knew what might come of it.  Only the Lord knew then that a few years down the line a new church-family would meet each Sunday in a community centre in the town; praising Him together, being built-up in faith together, serving the community practically together, seeking to reach-out with the life-giving sound of His word together…Our God is very good!

Our God is very good – He provides everything we need.

When finances were tight and the congregation very small, He raised-up generous givers and prayers – from far and wide to help Grace Church get established.  When a Sunday-venue was needed and a “no, sorry you can’t meet here” received, He opened the door to an ideal, affordable, spacious place to meet – still our home today.  When the ‘new-church-honeymoon-period’ was over and some people moved away and we again felt small and vulnerable, He answered our prayers for more people…servant-hearted, ‘what an answer to prayer’ people!  A prayer we still pray, and graciously He keeps answering.  Our God is very good!

Our God is very good – He grows us in love for each other.

When gospel-loving churches are few and far between in rural North Wales and a new church attracts people from all kinds of backgrounds – churched and non-churched, the potential for discord is there, perhaps even more than usual.  But God is always good.  He helps us fix our eyes on Jesus – the one who makes us one…with Him and with each other.  And as we grow in love together, we long to see our town know that love of Christ too. Our God is very good!

Our God is very good – He’s given us Good News to share!

When a community like ours is so diverse – culturally, linguistically, socio-economically – and the needs around us are so enormous – unemployment, poverty, addiction, mental-health issues, loneliness, family-breakdown etc etc etc, – and we feel ill-equipped to meet those needs, still, in His goodness, He’s given us real hope to offer people, a solid hope that meets the deepest of needs.  And when, by God’s grace, as we’ve seen in the case of a few, that hope is understood for the first time and held onto, we can but say again “Our God is very good!”

How we long that lost people in towns and villages all around us would join us in that cry!

Daf Cunningham (Grace Church Denbigh)